New Set                                                  $200.00

One week Fill                                         $70.00

2-3 Week Fill                                         $65.00

4 Week Fill                                             $80.00

Returning Clients                                 $100.00

Special Occasion Lashes                     $200.00

(intended for a one-time visit)

$100.00 deposit required on all new lash sets. 

24-hour cancellation required on refills. 

$50.00 fee for all missed appointments.  Full service fee will be charged for no-call/no-shows or same day cancellations.

Xtreme Lashes Extensions



Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions are a revolutionary product that will provide you with longer, thicker, luscious and natural looking eyelashes. Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions are not traditional false eyelashes. They are single synthetic strands of eyelashes applied ONE by ONE directly to your individual eyelashes with a medical grade adhesive by an Xtreme Lashes® stylist. These natural-looking lashes can be applied once or indefinitely. Routine touch-ups every 2 to 3 weeks are recommended for optimal results. 

Xtreme Lashes® is committed to consumer safety and the long-term health of the eyelash extension industry.  Hands-on eyelash extension training and certification is required when providing the Xtreme Lashes® brand.  Xtreme Lashes® is the global leader in eyelash extensions around the world... and has been VOTED THE #1 LASH EXTENSION COMPANY. 


What to Expect:

The first appointment lasts about two hours.  The procedure is painless and most clients take this time to nap/relax.  Mascara can be worn after 24-hours, although it is not needed.  Those who do want to add extra volume by using mascara should use Xtreme's specially formulated mascara, which is compatible with Xteme's lash extensions.  At no time should water-proof or oil-based mascara be worn.  An exclusive cleanser can be purchased to properly care for your extensions in between fills.  As your natural lashes shed, as do your extensions.  With re-fills, new lash extensions are applied to new growth to replace those you have shed.  This allows for a full, natural look.  


Wake up to longer, thicker and fuller lashes every day!  You can swim, shower and exercise in your new set of Xtreme Lashes.  You too will have the same lash extensions that Hollywood is raving about!  For additional information on Xtreme Lashes, please visit www.xtremelashes.com

Refresh Spa is proud to be the area's premier CERTIFIED XTREME LASHES center. 

Services available in Toledo and Marblehead, Ohio.