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       ​​WE OFFER:

  • Customized approaches to life style change, nutritional coaching and weight loss programs
  • A team of medical and nutritional professionals to guide you to success
  • No contracts or memberships, just programs that work
  • Proven results

90- Day Challenge

$75.00 consult and 1st visit

​$50.00 follow-up visits

The 90-Day Challenge involves a life-style change through the use of prescribed medications, diet and exercise, as well as menu ideas and monthly consults.  Patients can expect to lose 10 -12 lbs a month.  Additional services may be added.​​

Medically Managed Weight Loss Services

The Refresh HCG Diet is a 50-day two phase program that starts with a physician consultation.  If you are an ideal candidate for this program, daily injections are given to patients on a weekly basis, and patients administer the injections each morning.  

The Refresh HCG diet is designed for those who are able to eat a very low calorie diet - free of sugars, oils, starches, carbs, etc.  Patients come in weekly for a weigh-in and consult for the first 4 weeks.

 Phase II lasts for 21 days, and slowly allows patients to add certain foods back into the diet, while maintaining the weight loss achieved in the first 30 days.  Most patients can expect to lose 15 - 30 lbs if followed correctly.  

The cost of this program is $400.00 and includes 23 highly-concentrated HCG injections, weekly visits, menu plans and a protocol booklet.

Refresh Spa offers a customized approach to weight loss, nutritional consultant and life style coaching through a comprehensive programs tailored to fit each patient individually.  Our medical team works together to help you achieve your goals by "Helping You Help Yourself!"

Dr. Stacy Bowen and her team start with a consultation, then design a program that is right for you. Programs vary based on life style, medical history, allergies, medications and over-all goals.  Our approach is help you achieve long-term goals through one of our customized approaches.​​